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What does it mean for me?

How do potential customers know that you are there? And if they happen to discover you, how do they know where to find the product they are looking for? Do they find the way to pay easily?

Our Digital Marketing services solve both these questions  – we generate highly relevant traffic to your website and optimise the onsite customer journey with the aim of increasing conversions.

A website with no marketing support is like building a shop, in the middle of no-where, with no sign posts.

What's involved

No two companies require exactly the same services so we have a team of highly experienced marketers to analyse, recommend, implement, manage and report on the right mix of digital services for your objectives.  Below is an overview of what our services cover

1. Consultancy and Digital Marketing Auditing

Analysis, Identification, Action.

Sometimes identifying what is going well and where your opportunities are can feel like an impossible task. It may be that sales have dropped in the last quarter or your closest competitor has recently launched a new site that makes yours feel dated, or even that sales are soaring but you want to take your website to the next level.

Whatever your current digital position our team can run a full site audit covering all marketing activity to identify your strengths and weaknesses and help plan a strategy to move forward.

2. Paid Search

Increasing traffic to the right web pages.

We build and manage paid advertising campaigns for an array of clients – big and small. Working with the client to define the target audience by key search terms for Google Adwords and Yahoo!Bing and/or by demographic factors for Facebook and LinkedIn advertising. We choose the right media for the product or service being advertised.

We ensure that we are fully up to date with each platforms offering and run campaigns across each product including Google Display Network and Remarketing. We carefully optimise every campaign based on ROI ensuring that we are delivering the highest volume of cost effective sales available through each channel.

3. Search Engine Optimisation

Increasing traffic, enriching content, improving authority.

Search engine optimisation is one of the fastest evolving areas of digital marketing, but call us traditional but we believe that the basic SEO building blocks of a site are still as important as they were five years ago.

Start with a good foundation and you can build content, develop social media communication and increase your citations from there.

We use leading tools as well as highly experienced SEO strategists to audit your site and identify areas of your site that have potential for improvement with the aim of increasing relevant traffic to your site.

The Mona Lisa is the best known, most visited and most written about picture in the world. This type of following takes hundreds of years... or clever marketing!

* it's actually the most sung about as well


5. Email Marketing

Segmenting, testing, targeting.

Email is a valuable marketing tool that allows you to make a direct, personal connection with your customers. Whether you are looking to increase brand engagement or nurture leads through automated sequencing, email enables you to segment your database and distribute tailored messages within a controlled environment. We can help you incorporate email into a cross channel marketing strategy.

  • Strategy consultation
  • Design and build of re-usable newsletter templates
  • Database growth and onsite optimisation of sign up area
  • Scheduled deployment of emails to your customers
  • Testing and analysis of campaign

6. Conversion Rate Optimisation

Audit, test, improve.

Conversation Rate Optimisation (CRO) is the practice of incrementally improving a website’s conversion rate through a process of testing and implementation. The aim is to find the optimal combination of design and text elements to maximize on-site conversion. This controlled process means decisions are based on hard data rather than guess work.

We design and build sites taking into account industry best practice in terms of usability and use statistical analysis to increase the likelihood of conversion. Websites, like social trends, continually evolve, the fast paced nature of the digital space meaning that the process of CRO should be continuous.

7. Local

Think national, act local.

“1 in 3 online searches are people trying to locate local products and services.”

Our approach is ‘Local’ whether you have one premises or a whole franchise. Over the past few years Google have raised the profile of local businesses and allowed business owners to increase their online visibility through Google + pages, Google places and increased sensitivity to local search terms.

We help businesses of all sizes market themselves to local customers, optimising onsite SEO for local search, populating local business listing, tailoring PPC campaigns to the local market and providing social media support.

Our dedication to local means that we do not only have a team dedicated to understanding the local market but we also apply local stagey to national, multinational organisation.

8. Social engagement and content strategy

Engage, converse, assist.

Social media is the marketing tool of the moment, redefining how brands communicate with their target market and allowing new degrees of customer segmentation. Social media channels allow businesses to build stronger relationships with customers, drive traffic and amplify brand visibility. With an increasing emphasis on sharable content and social authority in SEO (search engine optimisation) a multi-channel approach is fundamental to success.

The biggest barrier to implementing a successful multi-channel campaign is strategy. Knowing which channel to use, how to improve customer engagement and what metrics to use to qualify success. To help answer the big questions we offer:

  • Content strategy, to plan the right type of content and brief our content creators
  • Social media setup, along with industry research and keyword analysis
  • Consultancy services to help you identify the most suitable channel for your business, optimise your pages and define your key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • We offer training to help you manage your social media pages and give you the tools to track and interpret data
  • Social media reporting and analysis, integrating with on-site statistics to track traffic flow and user behaviour
  • Graphic design services to ensure brand continuity across all communication channels

9. Analytics and Reporting, Analyse, report, discuss.

Measure against objective metrics, analyse, apply learning to improve performance.

Whether you are interested in website performance, social media influence, PPC Return on investment (ROI) or email marketing conversion, measurement and analysis are the keys to success.

Data collection without an analysis framework can be overwhelming, which is why we offer scalable reporting packages for all budgets. Our team of analysts work across departments to ensure measurement is at the heart of all that we do.

  • Real time reporting and intelligent analysis
  • We use Google Analytics to measure trends, monitor traffic and analyse keywords
  • Manageable monthly reports using our own reporting software
  • Bespoke reporting with third party system integration
  • Applied learning and optimisation


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