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What does it mean for me?

Design is the visual representation of your business and 'what you stand for' at any client facing touch point be that online or offline -  bringing together your brand, customer experience, content strategy, architecture, technical development, and ongoing marketing to create a website, or any form of media, that work to grow your business.

Our design team are very creative and highly skilled in best practice responsive web design as well as branding and offline printed material, making us exceptionally good at getting your design just right.

Customers will make an initial assumption on a business based on a quick glance at their homepage, business card or brochure cover. This very human gut reaction must be the right one or they'll be off to your competitor.

Web design is about

  • Visual appeal
    Drawing people in and making them want to be part of it
  • Usability
    Easily finding the information they need
  • Presentation
    Reflecting your business and the services you offer
  • User experience
    Offering an experience that is more desirable than your competitors
  • Clear outcomes
    Defining what action your customer should take

What's involved?

Fact based research

Our designers will be researching the look, feel and interaction of your website, brand or printed media. 

Using desk and field based research as well as workshops and brainstorming sessions; speaking to you, analysing your digital market place, researching your competitors, understanding your audiences. We absorb your brand, we talk to you about your values, people and processes and look at your audience. We discover and uncover getting ready to create the right personality, impact and actions.

We know our business but we don't know yours. So each design starts with fact finding - immersing ourselves in anything that helps us to help you correctly.. and we don’t do it all from the confines of our desk either.

The design process covers each of these mapped areas to provide a high standard of visual appeal and engagement.


Skilled Creatives

The visual aspect combines the talent our designers bring, armed with all the research and pre-planning.

We use sketches, moodboards and style-tiles so that once we are ready to commence the visual concepts we can do it from a chameleonic reflection of your business and how you talk to your customers. to produce inspired, original, and targeted concepts to reflect your business and draw in your audiences.

Visual problem solvers

Websites and advertising need to work in many different sizes and places.

So design is very much about designing each element of your content to sit correctly in the hierarchy of the services and information you offer or the message you wish to portray. This means that however and wherever your media is viewed, the information you are presenting is in a visually appealing and readable format with clear outcomes.

Offline communication

We just don’t stop at online, we take the continuity of your brand across all forms of media.

The importance of brand continuity across all aspects of your business is key to presenting a strong message and raising your profile. We can produce a new brand or identity, guidelines to use across all marketing, stationery, folders or a printed brochure as well as signage and advertising campaigns to help follow up with sales.

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We have been delighted with Infotex. The design and implementation of our website was so efficiently led by Abi - she listened intently to our needs and created a website we are proud of but more importantly is applauded by our clients. Ongoing the property team are prompt, courteous and effective when attending to any queries raised; just what we need.

— David Reed (Antony Roberts)

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