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What does it mean for me?

Our skilled team of developers specialise in both back end, the underlying functionality that powers your website, and front end, the presentation and interaction of your website, disciplines. This allows us to produce a first-rate website for you whether it’s a highly bespoke, custom project on our core technology or a nifty new look using off-the-shelf platforms such as Wordpress or Shopify.

Our in-house development team have worked for the likes of Yahoo! and IBM and have produced products and websites for clients across multiple sectors. This rich experience enables us to suggest the right option for you based on our knowledge and understanding of your requirements rather than the restriction of a pre-determined platform.

We will always spend time and continued discussion to give you the right solution,some call this time wasting, we call it the most important decision of the whole project.

Our strong technical core, steming from fifteen years providing IT systems and support, puts us in a very favourable position when looking for a strategic partner to guide you not just on this project but into the future of your business; creating strong footings and sound strategies for your 3, 5, 10 year plans.


Whats involved?


The most important step

After meeting with you, we carry out the planning and specification phase for the website or system being produced. Sometimes this is straightforward and sometimes it requires deeper investigation (involving prototyping or analysis). After that we select the most appropriate platform for your website and build a team around the skills required to fulfil it.

These days, your site is likely to be responsive (meaning that it adapts to the screen size of the device that it is being viewed on). Mobile isn’t something we tack on at the end, it’s a consideration right from the early stages of planning and is key throughout the subsequent development and testing phases.

Agile Development

Development isn't static

In the real world, development can throw curveballs. Priorities change, challenges are uncovered, and sometimes, better approaches are discovered. This is why we use Scrum, an Agile development methodology, for managing the development of your website. We track development through the use of short development cycles known as sprints. These allow us to focus on discrete pieces of functionality, managing changes in priorities, and tackling issues as they arise.

Regular internal reviews ensure that the whole project team can participate in producing the best possible website for you.


A huge part of what we do

We test throughout development, delivering robust features during our sprints. We don’t stop there though. We have dedicated testing phases during which we test both functionality, against the agreed requirements, and perform substantial browser testing across a full complement of browsers (including mobile).

The sites we produce will go through as much testing as is needed to produce a high quality end product.


The big day, handled with ease

We take care of everything on Launch day. From managing your domains to redirecting old pages, we ensure that everything goes smoothly. We have a dedicated team looking after our hosting environment to ensure that your website and server environment is well maintained post-launch, applying the latest security patches and keeping everything in top shape to give you the most stable, performant website.


Our relationship doesn't end at launch

We continue to monitor your site after launch before handing it over to our dedicated support team for ongoing aftercare. Our support team will be on hand to answer any queries you may have and we’ll always be ready to discuss the next phase of your ongoing website strategy.

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Infotex have helped take us forward with our online presence for some years now; starting with the design and creation of our much improved website, they have also ensured that we keep the site up to date - optimising the way it works for us. They are continually on hand to answer questions and offer advice.

— Alun Jones (Marler & Marler)

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