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We provide an agency friendly and high level of technical capability to a number of partner agencies. We would love to share project opportunities with you too. Read more about what we can do...

About partnerships

Choosing us as your technical partner would mean partnering in its truest sense: equality, mutual respect, trust and understanding, the modern equivalent of an old fashioned marriage. In its commercial context, not all the rules of marriage can apply, but perhaps we should all take note...

The coming together of technical and creative demands strong partnerships – between client and agency, departments, teams and individuals. And nowhere is the coming together of technical and creative more pronounced than on the Internet, where all communication comes together – online vision, brand, marketing, PR, sales, customer services, data processing, finance and operations.

As either the leader of a mature agency or an independent consultant working on your clients’ business development, you rightly demand of your providers not to let you down. To work alongside you as colleagues, fit in to your team as you want them to, be visible when needed, invisible when asked. They should always be fully accountable, responsible and responsive.

With websites launching on an almost daily basis from our production studios in London, Sussex and Suffolk and more than 1,000 businesses depending on us for continued support, Infotex has a solid and proven technical track record, and experience of partnerships that work.

About us

We manage more than 30 servers, our team is 30 strong. Whilst we have developed our in-house CMS platforms over many years to meet the many needs of clients, from simple sites to fully scaled multi-million turnover ecommerce platforms, we are pragmatic about the use of open source CMS packages such as Wordpress and Joomla, and comfortable with building sites on these when required. Our technical team is familiar with integration to 3rd party platforms using a variety of methods.

About you

Partnership is a two way street. We value our partner relationships and introduce them to opportunities whenever we can. Our focus is on development and growth and to achieve this, we know that more minds working together is the only way.

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