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The reason you have landed on this page is because you have linked to the Shelton website, www.shelton.co.uk.

We have re-directed you seamlessly into the Infotex website, because from January 2012 SHELTON will no longer be our trading name (although the company remains unchanged), and we will be known only as INFOTEX to all our clients and partners.

This change is the next stage in a continuous process of evolution from the time Shelton Internet acquired Sussex based web design and hosting company Infotex UK Limited in 2009.  We have been working behind the scenes to bring the two companies closer together so that our technical teams, our hosting infrastructure, production staff, designers and finance teams are all operating as a single company.  That process is now complete and from next year there will be just a single company, meaning that we will have simplified our communications and all of our operations, to the benefit of our clients and partners.

In choosing to adopt the name Infotex for all our work, we wanted to minimise disruption for the majority of our customers who are familiar with that name, but we have taken great trouble to bring the best of Shelton into the Infotex stable, which is reflected in the smart new design of the Infotex brand, which relates to the old Shelton one.

By adding the two companies together, we think we have created something much greater than the sum of its parts. 2012 is the year we are more excited about than ever, with 100's of great clients, several great partners, dozens of great projects, and the world buzzing with excitement and opportunity in the digisphere.  Economic times are hard, but we thrive on adversity and we are 100% committed all of the time to helping our clients do better by getting to grips with this exciting technological revolution that is impacting on all of our daily lives, and we hope you will join forces with us to create better business.

Please now proceed into this website to find out more about the new Infotex that now encompasses the old Shelton....... Find out more


Shelton is now called Infotex