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Newton Fallowell is a family-run business based in Grantham, Lincolnshire.  They are the largest estate agents in the Midlands and have 40 sales and lettings branches that stretch from Telford to the West to Boston in the East. The company is committed to pursuing future growth through a socially responsible, ethical model that is respected and emulated as a model of success.


Using the Homeflow system, the brief was to ensure that a great looking site was created, heavily influenced by the www.locationlocation.com site and other market leaders, but also be functional in that it would generate as many leads as possible for Newton Fallowell across the Midlands.

With mixed branding being used previously on their website it was also important to incorporate all of their previous branding into one clear and coherent look. Newton Fallowell really wanted to play on the idea on making a property your own, so they wanted to really focus on the interior of properties with what other what new buyers could do to their home.

Key Outcome Improvements:

  • To generate more leads
  • Incorporate all of Newton Fallowell’s previous various branding into one unique and distinct brand.
  • Expand their franchise
  • Make the site responsive to mobile and tablet traffic
  • A ‘wow factor’ design


After our entail design and requirements workshop at the head office in Grantham, we focused on the design and user experience of visitors to maximise the conversion rate of sessions to leads. Meanwhile, we wanted to keep some element of individuality to each of the branches so not to appear too uniform.

With this in mind we designed the site that focused primarily on visitors’ experience on the site, making it easy for them to view properties, save them (without having to log in) and reducing the steps between them and an agent.

The site is clean and easy to use, drawing a lot of focus to the ‘Find A Property’ search functionality that has been designed so that it lands on the list page first (instead of a conventional grid). This provides much more relevant information to the user and has allowed us to the display mortgage information as a hover item.


A bright and sophisticated website that incorporates a seamless user journey to match the level of service that Newton Fallowell offer their customers. Specifically designed with users in mind, the site that is clear and easy to use which will help generate leads for the company. A refined logo, complimented with a bold and sharp colour scheme, has helped solidify the brand of the company whilst the optimisation for mobile and tablet traffic will improve converting leads.




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