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May 15, 2017
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When it comes to your company website, studies have shown that every word counts. Over 43 per cent of people will instantly click off content that is bad quality, with poor grammar and erroneous spellings proving to be terrible turnoffs.


So why does high quality content matter so much? A lot of people see poorly executed writing as not only uneducated, but indicative of poor business practices in general. To them, presentation and performance matter, and if a company can’t get it right on their website, they wonder what else they might get wrong.

But there are more reasons than this to ensure that the quality of your content remains high. Here, we look at three of the most important...

1. High quality content writing drives traffic

Most businesses want more visitors to their website, and quality content helps to attract them. Blogging is a particularly handy tool to add to your artillery. Every time you write and publish a blog post, it’s one more indexed page, and one more opportunity for those using search engines to discover you. If you make it interesting and engaging enough, you might even find that people start to share it on social networks, exposing your business to another new and extensive audience. This means more traffic and more traffic usually means more sales.

2. High quality content writing converts traffic into leads

Your content could quickly contribute to an increase in traffic, and this opens up the opportunity to convert these viewers into leads. The simplest and most organic way to do this is through utilising calls to action. Insert just one of these per blog post, and provided that your content is of a high enough quality, you could soon have people convinced that your product is essential to their fulfilment.

3. High quality content writing establishes authority

Going back to our original point, viewers to your website will be discouraged by poor quality content, but the opposite is also true: high quality offerings are an easy way of engendering trust and authority. If you’re capable of creating copy that is helpful to your target audience, they will soon come to see you as a business that can be relied upon; one worthy of spending their money with.

Get in touch with us at Infotex today to see how we can help you transform your website design and produce top quality content for a stronger online presence.

Need help with your content writing?

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