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July 5, 2017
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Infotex prides itself on providing digital services at every stage of business life. Whether a corporation trying to retain global market share or a local success wanting to bring their growth online - we’ll provide the services they need at the right time.

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Two of our most recent clients fall into the latter, Swiss Farm and Silverton Aggregates have outgrown their market and wanted to expand into their online space. Two very different businesses, one meat, one mortar, with the same goal - expansion.

Swiss Farm:

A family run business through and through. First established in 1972 in rural Ashbocking, Suffolk, Swiss Farm provide good quality meat at great value.

We were first introduced to Swiss Farm in 2016. They were under-going some restructuring and looking for help with marketing support. We introduced them to Curzon Associate Marketing to assist with their marketing support and rebrand. 
Our side we needed to provide a website to reflect Swiss Farm’s rural tradition and new branding to promote their butchery 24/7 to a wide audience.


How we helped:

Infotex set out to fulfil their potential by transferring Swiss Farm’s traditional country values into a digital format – where their competitively priced, high-quality produce could get the exposure it deserves. 

We wanted the site to shout their brand while reciprocating their renowned customer service with seamless functionality. A website should be a point of contact between a business and its customers. We achieved this with Swiss Farm’s ‘Ask Our Butchers…’ section which provided a direct line between customers and expert butchers. Giving customers access to the excellent advice they would get if they were right there at the butcher’s counter. Also, giving an invaluable feedback mechanism to Swiss Farm to improve customer relationships.


Silverton was founded in 1996 and has become a leading aggregates supplier in East Anglia. They now boast 6 branches across East Anglia with over 100 hundred employees.

To keep up with Silverton Aggregate’s offline growth their digital presence needed a complete rethink. Infotex were tasked with bringing their dated website into 2017, promoting their expanding range of aggregates and building supplies to trade and retail customers alike.

How we helped:

The result was a clean, intuitive website broadcasting Silverton Aggregates trusted brand on every page. The modern site can easily be updated to keep up with Silverton Aggregate’s dynamic industry and ever changing offers and products. Transforming dull text heavy pages to eye-catching images with concise copy, specifically made to maximize Silverton Aggregate’s business goals. 


What we have learnt:

Understanding the spectrum of digital business needs is essential if your business is going to get the right service for the right price. Our diverse portfolio of clients over the last 20 years has given us our hard-fought knowledge of how to satisfy these needs. Enquire with Infotex today for digital advice on how to take your business (of any size!) into the digital future.


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