How to write great content for your ecommerce site

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How to write great content for your ecommerce site

Author: Infotex

February 22, 2013
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Who, what and how - Everything you need to know about writing effective product content for your ecommerce website.

Writing to Reach You

Before you do anything else you need to decide who it is you’re talking to and what they want.  A savvy ecommerce site will have already identified what it is that motivates their customer and use that to encourage them to buy their product through clever and considered use of images and text throughout their site. Is it the way the product performs that will encourage your customer to buy, or the fact that the product has multiple safety features or uses? Whatever it is that sets your product apart from the rest and will enthuse your customer to the point of sale – tell them about it. 

Using manufacturer's description is a bad idea

Keywords are key

When writing your product titles and descriptions try to include keywords and phrases that potential customers will be using when looking for your product.But remember, repeatedly mentioning the same keyphrase over and over throughout your site is likely to get you penalised in search engines, they don’t like it, so make sure you mix it up a bit.

Be individual – avoid manufacturer descriptions

Manufacturers might have a description you can use, but all your competitors are using it. How can you expect to outrank them in search engines when your content is the same as many other sites? Create unique content and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Features, Benefits and Advantages

List out the key benefits right at the top of the description to hook people in. Breaking up your description with a series of bullets will often prove easier to read than lengthy text.  Try to anticipate potential questions your customer may have regarding the product before they do. And don’t forget to strip out industry jargon. You understand what those acronyms stand for but, depending on your product, your potential customer may not.

Say Cheese – the power of a product shot

Try and put the product in context in the photos. For clothes it may be a model wearing them. For a table lamp show it on a table with the light on. Context photos can also help show big the item is, the material it is made from and can show potential uses that your customer may not have thought of.  Don’t just have one photo of each product, by showing multiple angles you can once again eliminate potential questions a customer may have.

ASOS make use of 'Catwalk' videos to help promote their productsIf you can’t stretch to hiring a professional photographer, check out the wealth of information on YouTube for taking better photos. If you sell a product made by a big manufacturer, they may be willing to let you have some of their stock photography – it’s always worth an ask.

As an extra step, you could look at creating short videos that incorporate the above. Lots of online clothing retailers are now doing this well – take a look at for an example of how a short ‘catwalk’ style video for the majority of their products helps give potential customers a better idea of what they will be buying.


When visitors view your site, they are not just debating whether to buy the product, they are also weighing up whether or not to buy the product from you . To help them, be clear about the details you know your customer will care about such as how long delivery will take, how much it will cost, what payment options are available and what they can do if they aren’t happy with the product. This will also reduce customer support queries – leaving you more time to create fantastic content for your site!

Customer reviews

Product reviews from previous customers can be a great way of selling your product. This not only shows site visitors your products are great and builds all important trust, but it also helps generate additional unique content for your site.


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